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Offsite SEO - Data gathered from the internet

According to our calculations has between 8447236 and 12670854 organic keywords with organic traffic, that is traffic driven by search engines, between 106948491.2 and 160422736.8 visits per month. Our research also indicates that an adwords campaign has been active in the last couple of months for With adword keywords numbering between 727585.6 and 1091378.4 and the traffic generated from this adword campaign is between 863543.2 and 1295314.8. visits per month.

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Organic Domain Data:

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SEO Tip:

Limit the size of your title tags to 80 characters or less. Insert your keywords to the front of your title tag.
Example: <b>Apple IPad</b> at the best prices -

Onsite SEO - Data gathered from this website

From a SEO point of view, this SEO Score can be improved upon by adding keywords into the title tag, and using h-tags in a more effective manner. Highlight important information on a page, such as a heading or title by using h1, h2 and h3 tags.

A web pages title tag is one of the most important parts in SEO. The ideal length of a title tag is around 64 characters, the title tag of this webpage is 68, and is more than recommended

Even though search engines don’t use meta content to rank web pages, it is still a important part of a web page, as search engines such as Google has been known to use it as the search text in the search results. Thus the more compelling your meta description, the more organic clicks a webpage can receive.

As with the meta description tag less emphasis are being placed on meta keywords tag, but following good SEO, and not knowing what the future holds for these tags, it is always best to add them to web pages using best practice to do so. Ideally the keywords tag should have between 10 and 20 keywords, more than this will be seen as keyword stuffing. Making sure the keywords are specific to the web page it is on.

Search engines look at the H-tags or heading tags on a page to discern between important content on a page and less important content on a page. Thus information directly following a keyword rich H-tag, will be seen to be more important than content else where on the page. Also keywords used in the H-tags are seen to be more important than normal keywords in the body text of a page.

This web page has 1 - H1-tags; 1 - H2-tags; and 13 - H3-tags.

Home Page Data:

Website Title:

Yahoo! Sports - Sports News, Scores, Rumors, Fantasy Games, and more

Website Description:

All the latest sports news, scores, rumors, fantasy games, and more

Meta Keywords


Structural HTML Information - HTML TAGS

H1 - tags

  • Young guns

H2 - tags

H3 - tags

  • Video Spotlight
  • Fantasy mlb Performers
  • Yahoo! Sports on Facebook
  • Scoreboard
  • Updates

bold - tags


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  • Geoffrey Mutai
  • Brown: Untouchables
  • Dodger stars in MLB debut
  • Remembering baseball's longest game
  • Sports' top rivalries
  • More
  • Fast learner
  • Burning draft questions
  • Miller's Hot and Not
  • The accusation
  • More UK
  • NBA’s talent shines as playoffs open
  • Adrian Wojnarowski
  • Read More
  • View Adrian Wojnarowski Archive
  • Couture says he'll retire after UFC 129
  • Dave Meltzer
  • Read More
  • View Dave Meltzer Archive
  • Great memory turns Gabbert into top prospect
  • Les Carpenter
  • Read More
  • View Les Carpenter Archive
  • Lockout, talent pool put freeze on trades
  • Jason Cole
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  • Big leaguer denied access to ballpark
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  • How much can the UFC grow?
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  • NASCAR: Did Jimmie cross the line?
  • NASCAR video
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  • Devil Ball Golf
  • Big moment for Tiger Woods' niece
  • The Dagger
  • Mascot walks groom down the aisle
  • Big League Stew
  • Fan learns there's no such thing as 315 free donuts
  • View All Yahoo! Sports Blogs »
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  • Sam Fuld
  • Lance Berkman
  • Asdrubal Cabrera
  • Carl Crawford
  • José Bautista
  • Adam Dunn
  • Josh Beckett
  • Kyle Lohse
  • Aaron Harang
  • Félix Hernández
  • Clay Buchholz
  • Tim Hudson
  • Josh Beckett
  • Kyle Lohse
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  • The amazing Indonesian surf discovery
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  • James Stewart moved to tears as the Supercross series heads to the wire!
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  • A beautiful behind-the-scenes look at the 2011 Surfing magazine swimsuit issue
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  • Yahoo! Contributor Network
  • Luke Rodgers makes MLS splash for…
  • The Galaxy on fire against the Chicago…
  • Columbus Crew set a club record: A fan's…
  • Philadelphia Union face long break: A…
  • Evaluating the Los Angeles Galaxy's road…
  • More injuries for the Los Angeles Galaxy:…
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  • Judge decision on lockout expected soon
  • Kentucky G Lamb returning to school
  • Knight blasts Calipari again
  • UK fires back
  • Knicks G Billups expected to miss Game 2
  • Marathoner Waitz, 57, dies of cancer
  • Classic tale
  • Spurs G Ginobili uncertain for Game 2
  • NBC, Versus keeps NHL TV rights
  • Mixed reaction
  • Blackhawks D Seabrook out for Game 4
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  • Calder Trophy Finalists: Couture vs. Grabn...
  • Phil Jackson uses “True Grit” to inspire t...
  • Canadian promoter takes on ‘Big’ John McCa...
  • Is there a way to prevent what happened to...
  • Jeff Burton, Caterpillar re-up with Richar...
  • Kentucky freshman Doron Lamb will return t...
  • Puck Headlines: Seabrook out for Chicago; ...
  • More News
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  • NBA giving Sacramento another chance
  • Tigers' Zumaya headed back to surgery?
  • Vikings still want McNabb?
  • Groin strain sidelines Tigers' Martinez
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  • Tom Brannon
  • Some 15 year old kid is playing on the comment board! Kiddie Posting Nonsense!
  • CFC Blues 45
  • Los Angeles Dodgers
  • badboyz
  • It's critical parts of the games, let's say last 5 minutes of each half have a booth review using the best proven officials using replay. If they find fault with the call they can overturn it.
  • Leina
  • white boy looks like a fat war tank with acne all over his face. at least i got a picture you one legged trash. and if i was a street prostitute, i wouldn't be on here, i'll be making money and not worrying about commenting on your fat sorry...
  • Chipper
  • There's no hope for the red team if one of their best players is scared to touch the puck. Watch Kane tonight and see how many times he looks for Edler then panics when he's trying to get out of his zone. Goes to show how much T&K relied...
  • Bob
  • KG OBVIOUSLY fouled T Douglass With a moving screen!!!
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In our SEO Analysis it has been found that the SEO score for is 50%. This is fairly low, and it is due to both offsite and onsite factors. Other than offsite factors, onsite SEO factors can be tackled immediately by changing and updating page structure. The SEO score indicates that there is at least some sort of optimization techniques applied to this web page.

Some good SEO work would see this web page’s optimization increase considerably. This includes looking at title tags, all heading tags, keywords density and overall word count on a per page basis.

For a better understanding you can contact us via email here

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