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According to our calculations dailymotion.com/user/HasslineX has between 313997.6 and 470996.4 organic keywords with organic traffic, that is traffic driven by search engines, between 1942324 and 2913486 visits per month. Our research also indicates that an adwords campaign has been active in the last couple of months for dailymotion.com/user/HasslineX. With adword keywords numbering between 7960.8 and 11941.2 and the traffic generated from this adword campaign is between 20502.4 and 30753.6. visits per month.

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Why your company needs to be Socially Represented!

With the realm of what I call Social Search coming closer and closer, it is even more important for websites to integrate and use social platforms.  With the post from Bill Slawski (here) about Google’s  patent filing it becomes more and more important not just to stop at normal SEO practices of optimizing a website.

No I know I am not the first to say any of this, but there are still way to many SEO professionals ...
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