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SEO Analysis


SEO Analysis

Seo Analysis is the analysis or discovery into your websites current state of optimization. The analysis needs to be looked at from two main points, the website itself, structure, accessibility, keyword analysis and density and so forth, and then also from an external point of view, traffic statistics and comparison, organic keyword reports, search engine indexing etc.

Through looking at both sides, it can be identified where a website can be improved upon technically let say by adding some structural content to web pages, or optimizing some web page titles, and externally where and how successful a website already is on the internet, by looking at indexed pages in search engines and organic keyword reports to see which of the websites keywords are ranking in search engines.
CarelMeyer.com’s indepth SEO analysis gives you greater insight into your website optimization efforts on a per webpage basis. Giving you actionable advice per webpage as well as an overall SEO summary report per domain The page analysis consists of our software analysing a webpage structural makeup, running a keyword analysis and a keyword comparison. We offer advice on per webpage basis on how to improve the SEO of that page. In the main summary we draw together all the information collected through the webpage analyses. We compare the web pages and draw up averages and look at common occurrences or exclusion on these pages. All the data collected and summarized is done so with real-time accuracy, using the latest available information, and crawling your website for the latest changes.
When you have updated your website, these changes can take effect immediately after our crawler accessed your pages(which you can control). Our system keeps historical data, thus we can compare new versions of your web pages with older ones, and compare them.

How does CarelMeyer.com’s SEO Analysis benefit me:


The non IT Website Owner:

You can keep track of the development and SEO changes made to your websites, from a non technical stand point. Enabling you to quantify any SEO work that has been done, or is about to start.

The Seo Specialist:

Seeing first hand how website/webpage updates improves SEO, can give you a clear benefit, enabling you to show a client the data of what their website scores before you have done any work, and after the work is completed. We have found this to be a very effective sales tool, arriving at a meeting with a clients website already analyzed is a huge plus for any SEO professional.

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Our new multipage Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and Social Media Analysis (SMO), analyzes up to 15 page of your website, and gives you an Offsite SEO, Onsite SEO and SMO Analysis summary, FREE!!

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Latest Blog

Why your company needs to be Socially Represented!

With the realm of what I call Social Search coming closer and closer, it is even more important for websites to integrate and use social platforms.  With the post from Bill Slawski (here) about Google’s  patent filing it becomes more and more important not just to stop at normal SEO practices of optimizing a website.

No I know I am not the first to say any of this, but there are still way to many SEO professionals and companies that do not take enough care to build social connectivity and strategies.  
You need to lead people from your website to your social spheres and vice versa and off-course engage them, connect and build stronger relationships.  Now not every company needs or can afford Social Listening Stations such as Dell & Gatorade has, but it is not that difficult to build your own little social listening app, or use iGoogle as can be seen here to listen to the social conversation.
Last week I spoke to two individuals from different companies about why their companies have no social interaction, strategy or presence (well almost, a twitter account with 20 followers doesn’t count).  Both gave me  more or less the same answer: They cannot control what people write and/or share about them online.  Now how is that for an excuse!  Off course you cant! But ...

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